End of Night

Victoria & Zach

These guys are the absolute best!! TLDR: Book these guys, no questions asked! We used them to capture our wedding day and they went above and beyond in every way. My brother (& best man) couldn’t attend the wedding as he is overseas and they set up a projector so everyone in attendance could see him give his speech. Due to COVID we had to cancel our DJ and these guys offered to loan us their professional speakers when they heard we were just going to use a Bluetooth speaker. Both of these were not things we hired them for, yet they did them anyway and helped make the day perfect for my wife and me! And now to get into what we actually paid them for — the video — WOW! I work in advertising so I know how long it takes to edit videos, & the fact they could capture all of the footage, and edit it for an end of night screening still blows my mind. The quality of footage was incredible, and our photographer told us how great the team was to work with, which is usually a pain point for photographers. Thanks again to Mike, Danard, and Will for doing a phenomenal job capturing our special day, and to Hugh for helping coordinate it all.

Zach Schaap, Groom